Sunday, April 1, 2012

FW0NAR QSL is ready to print


The QSL has already been designed. We will have a nice 4 paged, full color card.

We are waiting for the first 10.000 cards from the printer...

Vy 73


Sunday, March 4, 2012



The Online QSL Request System (OQRS) is available.
Please send the QSO data and full mailing address in an e-mail to

The postal cost can be send via PayPal to:

Vy 73


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Final QSO statistics

Hi Everyone,

The first QSO with FW0NAR was made on 28th of January on 24 MHz CW at 19:49 UTC with ZL1BYZ and the last one on 19th of February on 28 MHz CW at 19:49 UTC with FM5AA.

During 18 days of operation as FW0NAR (Wallis Island-OC-054) 17,872 QSOs were logged (12,152-CW, 3,045-SSB and 2,675-RTTY) with 10,620 stations (AF-1%, AS-31%, EU-25%, NA-36%, OC-5% and SA-2%) from 156 DXCC countries.

I have also made 3145 CW contacts on 40-10 meters (with a G5RV antenna and barefoot) as FW0NAR/P from Futuna Island (OC-118). The online logsearch for these operations can be found at:

I am deeply grateful to my xyl: Susanne (she has made more than 2000 RTTY and SSB contacts with FW0NAR) for her strong and continuous support all along. Joe (HA0LC) is graciously thanked for his logistical help in bringing my Wallis and Futuna project to life.

The financial and equipment support received from the Chiltern DX Club (CDXC), Clipperton DX Club (CDXC), Danish DX Group (DDXG), EU-DX-Foundation (EUDXF), DX Italia, German DX Foundation (GDXF), LA-DX-Group (LADXG), Nippon DX Association (NDXA), SouthWest Ohio DX Association (SWODXA), Swiss DX Foundation (SDXF), Spiderbeam and Anico Kft. (Nyíregyháza, Hungary) is graciously acknowledged.

HA0DU (Steve) and HA0HV (Sanyi) are gratefully outlined for their enthusiasm, encouragement and significant support. Special thanks to Michael (G7VJR), Brad (W6TJI) and Al (K6YRA), Zoli (HA8LNN) and Barna (HA0ER). I would also like to thank all those who included some support with their QSL request (see page at for the complete list).

VY 73


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Good Bye Wallis


We have closed the FW0NAR operation at 20.00 UTC on 19th of February 2012. Everything is packaged and waiting for the airplane to Fiji.

By the end we have more than 21.000 QSOs (17900 with FW0NAR and 3160 with FW0NAR/P).

Thank You very much for everybody for the nice cooperation, the kind words and  having contacts with us as well as visiting our blog more than 36.000 times.

It was a great experience both of us with having nice time here and collecting memories for the whole life.

Unfortunately we have lost an HF  linear amplifier and a notebook computer. Hopefully we will have a safe trip back home.....

We will arrive next Sunday (26th of February) to Budapest.
Special thanks to our host Manuele Taufoniea anh his big family, especially for KH6CG, HA8LNN, HA0DU and HA0LC, W6TJI and K6YRA as well as to all our radio amateur and non ham friends all over the world.

All logs are updated and uploaded to the Clublog site for online checking.

 During the following days we will check the logs and dealing with possible problems. Answering  e-mails and sleep a lot.  .    

Vy 73 and 88

Laci and Susanne

Saturday, February 18, 2012

More than 20.000 QSOs


We have reached the 20.000 QSOs (17.100 with FW0NAR and 3160 with FW0NAR/P).
Thanks for everybody for cooperation and having contacts with us!

Yesterday the 20 SSB was nice and we also had a good opening to EU on 30 meters.

It is raining here again but we should collect the Spider vertical this morning.

Vy 73

Laci and Susanne

Friday, February 17, 2012

Closing the FW0NAR operation soon

We are about to close the FW0NAR operation. We collect the big vertical on Sunday so will be no operation of 80 and 160 meters during our last night here on the island.

The station will be closed around 19.00 UTC on 19th of February...

We will have some RTTY activity on 30 meters and some SSB on 20 meters this evening.

See you there....

Vy 73 and 88

Laci and Susanne

Thursday, February 16, 2012



Laci has arrived back from Futuna after 3 days of continuous radio operation and he looks so tired.
We will publish some photos of this side trip soon....
He mentioned that on the local 12-seat aircraft your place is determined by your weight not only your luggage but you are also measured before departure..... :))

Please check your QSO with FW0NAR/P or with FW0NAR on clublog....

Vy 73 and 88 Susanne

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

QSO statistics of FW0NAR/P


After two days being on Futuna island the FW0NAR/P has made 2115 CW QSOs.

AF-28, AS-501, EU-668, NA-805, OC-77, SA-35.

Please check your contacts in the online log.


The FW0NAR/P operation will be closed on 16th February around 17:00 UTC.

Vy 73 and 88

Susanne and Laci

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The first 1000 QSOs from Futuna

Hi Dear Readers,

As Laci has a very limited possibility to enter into the Internet (only a half an our at breakfast time) he sent me the ADIF file this morning for log uploading of FW0NAR/P.

It is ready now so please check your QSOs.....

VY 73 and 88


Monday, February 13, 2012

Swiss army knife forever


Unfortunately yesterday we have lost the notebook was used for RTTY. But with the help of our set of tools and a Swiss knife Laci was able to remove the winchester of the dead pc (with MMTTY software installed) and replaced to the spare notebook. So we are QRV in RTTY again but Laci leave for Futuna island this morning so hopefully will be RTTY around 17th of February when he will get back to Wallis.

Look for FW0NAR/P (from OC118) during the next 3 days.

Vy 73 and 88 Susanne  

Sunday, February 12, 2012

We have reached 15000 QSOs

We have a nice, sunny weather, no wind or storms.

We have reached 15000 QSOs.

Laci is heading to Futuna next morning (local time here). The departure time is around 23:00 UTC. Hopefully he will be on the air around 05:00 UTC on 14th February.
Susan will stay on Wallis and tries to update the blog.

Please only one contact with FW0NAR/P (OC-118).

1600-1800 GMT period I will focus on upper bands as we have nice opening to whole NA on 10 or 12 meters (1 or 2 hours just after our sunrise). Our sunset is very good for EU so 0500-0800 GMT will be focused on 20 meters during the night. 40 meters will be used if 20m is not usable anymore. Mainly CW and some Phone at the last days! Around the typical IOTA frequencies 14040, 21040, 28040 CW on 17m 18085  and 24895 on 12m on 40m around 7031-7033. Of course no operation on 80 and 160 meters. I cannot accept any special questions for SKED during this 3 day period.

Vy, Laci and Susanne

Friday, February 10, 2012

QSO statistics


The propagation is improving on the upper HF bands.
We are at the half of the DXpedition period.

We have 13.882 QSOs now.

4355-AS, 56-AF, 3117-EU, 5211-NA, 374-SA, 763-OC.

9080-CW, 2464-SSB and 2338-RTTY

Vy 73 es 88

Laci and Susanne

Thursday, February 9, 2012



It seems the cyclone Jasmine (which covered the whole South Pacific) left our region.
The wheather is nice, calm and sunny today.

Dear OM please note that this is a simple "siutcase" DXpedition not a QSO making enterprise. A show presented only by 2 persons. Please HELP US with  checking your QSOs in our online log at Clublog (updated daily) and not making DUPES on the same band and mode!

We have reached the 13.000 QSOs  (average 1000 QSOs/day during our stay)

Thank You for Your cooperation and kind help!

VY 73 and 88

Laci and Susanne

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Continuous storm

We had more or less continuous rains and storms in the last four days, fortunately without any lights. We reached 12 000 QSO.
Yesterday evening we visited a nearby restaurant and had a wonderful seafood dinner.

Vy, 73 ES 88

Monday, February 6, 2012

We have reached the 10.000 QSOs and lost a linear

Today morning we fixed the big vertical. It seems OK for the future low band operatiion.

GOOD NEWS: we have reached the 10.000 QSOs from Wallis Island.

BAD NEWS: we have lost the linear amplifier for upper HF bands, We must use only 100 Watts output power on 17-10 meters.

On lower bands (160-20 meters) we still have 300 Watts output power.

Vy 73

Laci and Susanne



This morning was nice and calm. But around midday the wind started to blow and became stronger and stronger. The big (18 m tall) vertical is in a real danger as the upper fixing ropes were damaged by the storm.

It is already dark here and we do hope it will survive for the next morning.

With regards,

Laci and Susanne

Saturday, February 4, 2012


It seems Laci will be able to reach Futuna (OC118) for a few days during the next week. As the baggage is very limited: only 100 Watts and a multiband wire antenna will be used from there. Activity planned 40-10 meters, mainly in CW.

Due to the very limited condition there only one QSO for each station will be accepted. No multiply contacts with FUTUNA island station please!

The callsign will be: FW0NAR/P (OC-118)

Online log updating will be also provided daily from there.....

Vy 73

Laci and Susanne

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Duplicate contacts

Hi Everyone,

Please check your contact in log search (CLUBLOG) and DO NOT make dupes on same band and mode.

On the other hand today we went to the HIHIFO airport on bike and checked the availability of local transport to Futuna island.

vy 73

Wednesday, February 1, 2012



Unfortunately somebody (maybe from Asia) pirates my callsing. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE HAVE NEVER WORKED on 7013 kHz CW  and 14195 kHz SSB so far.

Please check the online log at Clublog which is updated sure that You have a contact with the real FW0NAR station from Wallis island.

VY 73 and see you on the air.....

we have reached the 5.000 QSOs


Tuesday, January 31, 2012


We updated the log for QSOs. The 160 meters was quiet last night many Japan and North America contacts in the log on top band. Also few EU stations.

We also have 85 EUs on 80 meters and 302 on 40.

Very few contacts from West part of EU so far.

The wheather is sunny now and very hot with high humidity.

We are organizing the side trip to Futuna island details a bit later....

Monday, January 30, 2012

Log updated


now the log is updated. It contains 2564 QSOs, the last one on 30/Jan/2012 20:00 UTC.

Susanne and Laci
80 meters is noisy, quite a few European QSOs.


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Photos on Picasa web


Susan made a couple of photos and arranged them to different albums (Antennas, Flowers of Wallis, Wallis an Futuna) on Picasa web.
Anyone interested in can find them here:

Albums will be updated frequently.

Susanne and Laci


Today is the first day for us with sunshine here on Wallis. We had huge amount of rain during the last 2 days.
Laci modified the big vertical for the sea water so it is ready for 80 and 160 now. We hope that the noise will not be too high during the nights. The wind slows down a bit so we will check the airplane availability for Futuna island (OC118). 

Vy 73

Laci and Susanne

Hi there,

Check your QSO on the log:

We refresh it every morning (local time).

Susanne and Laci


Hi Everyone,

Susanne have started some rtty.
In RTTY we are listening 2- 5 up. PSE spread out,,,

 20 meters CW were nice tonight many strong EU signals (DL, II, SP, OK, HA, YU, UR).
We will be on 40 CW around 15 UTC.

If you have any question comment please also contact our pilot Steve-HA0DU.

Online log will be updated in this morning at CLUBLOG.

VY 73

Laci and Susanne

Saturday, January 28, 2012

We have set up a 18 meter tall vertical for 160 m and 80 m. Tonight we will try 160m and 80m.

It was also our great pleasure to meet Eliott WA6TLA. We had a nice DX gathering and conversation.

We were also lucky with the wheather 22 C in LA, beautiful sunshine.

Start to Fiji withnin 3 hours....

Vy 73 and many thaks for the great hospitality.

Laci and Susanne


Finally we arrived at Wallis on Saturday (6 p.m. local time). Manuele, our host and his wife Mary-Ann greeted us with the traditional flower neclace at the airport. There is only one flight per week from Fiji to Wallis, so it was quite full.
Right after packing out Laci set up the StepIR vertical but it was already after sunset so we went to sleep
Sunday morning he began on 12 meters, could make many contacts with East coast of NA, the propagation is not too bad.

Unfortunately we have much rain and wind here, so in the last 3 weeks there were no flights to Futuna. We hope to have better weather in the next weeks.

See you on the air,

Susan and Laci