Tuesday, January 31, 2012


We updated the log for QSOs. The 160 meters was quiet last night many Japan and North America contacts in the log on top band. Also few EU stations.

We also have 85 EUs on 80 meters and 302 on 40.

Very few contacts from West part of EU so far.

The wheather is sunny now and very hot with high humidity.

We are organizing the side trip to Futuna island details a bit later....

Monday, January 30, 2012

Log updated


now the log is updated. It contains 2564 QSOs, the last one on 30/Jan/2012 20:00 UTC.

Susanne and Laci
80 meters is noisy, quite a few European QSOs.


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Photos on Picasa web


Susan made a couple of photos and arranged them to different albums (Antennas, Flowers of Wallis, Wallis an Futuna) on Picasa web.
Anyone interested in can find them here:


Albums will be updated frequently.

Susanne and Laci


Today is the first day for us with sunshine here on Wallis. We had huge amount of rain during the last 2 days.
Laci modified the big vertical for the sea water so it is ready for 80 and 160 now. We hope that the noise will not be too high during the nights. The wind slows down a bit so we will check the airplane availability for Futuna island (OC118). 

Vy 73

Laci and Susanne


Hi there,

Check your QSO on the log:


We refresh it every morning (local time).

Susanne and Laci


Hi Everyone,

Susanne have started some rtty.
In RTTY we are listening 2- 5 up. PSE spread out,,,

 20 meters CW were nice tonight many strong EU signals (DL, II, SP, OK, HA, YU, UR).
We will be on 40 CW around 15 UTC.

If you have any question comment please also contact our pilot Steve-HA0DU.

Online log will be updated in this morning at CLUBLOG.

VY 73

Laci and Susanne

Saturday, January 28, 2012

We have set up a 18 meter tall vertical for 160 m and 80 m. Tonight we will try 160m and 80m.

It was also our great pleasure to meet Eliott WA6TLA. We had a nice DX gathering and conversation.

We were also lucky with the wheather 22 C in LA, beautiful sunshine.

Start to Fiji withnin 3 hours....

Vy 73 and many thaks for the great hospitality.

Laci and Susanne


Finally we arrived at Wallis on Saturday (6 p.m. local time). Manuele, our host and his wife Mary-Ann greeted us with the traditional flower neclace at the airport. There is only one flight per week from Fiji to Wallis, so it was quite full.
Right after packing out Laci set up the StepIR vertical but it was already after sunset so we went to sleep
Sunday morning he began on 12 meters, could make many contacts with East coast of NA, the propagation is not too bad.

Unfortunately we have much rain and wind here, so in the last 3 weeks there were no flights to Futuna. We hope to have better weather in the next weeks.

See you on the air,

Susan and Laci

Thursday, January 26, 2012

As I have a little jet-fever I am on the computer now (3 am local time here).
Starting for the day and to prepare things for the departure to Fiji  this evening.

We will have some sight-seeing this morning and have a lunch with Brad W6TJI and Mary and Al K6YRA and his Bunny.

We will have a few free hours in Nadi (Fiji) so we must arrange the Hotel accomodation there for the way back on 20-24 of February 2012. I hope I will have 3D2 licence by that time.

Vy 73 Laci HA0NAR

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Here we are in Los Angeles.

Everything seems OK but we are only 2. Unfortunately the third member of the group (Steve-HA0DU) could not come with us.

W6TJI (Brad) and his wife Mary are excellent hosts. Thaks for them for everything.

Since 28 of January we hope that FW0NAR will be on the air.

Tomorrow we leave for Fiji with nearly 100 kilograms of equipment and antenna (in oversized laggueges).

VY 73

Keep tuned...

Laci and Susanne