Sunday, February 19, 2012

Good Bye Wallis


We have closed the FW0NAR operation at 20.00 UTC on 19th of February 2012. Everything is packaged and waiting for the airplane to Fiji.

By the end we have more than 21.000 QSOs (17900 with FW0NAR and 3160 with FW0NAR/P).

Thank You very much for everybody for the nice cooperation, the kind words and  having contacts with us as well as visiting our blog more than 36.000 times.

It was a great experience both of us with having nice time here and collecting memories for the whole life.

Unfortunately we have lost an HF  linear amplifier and a notebook computer. Hopefully we will have a safe trip back home.....

We will arrive next Sunday (26th of February) to Budapest.
Special thanks to our host Manuele Taufoniea anh his big family, especially for KH6CG, HA8LNN, HA0DU and HA0LC, W6TJI and K6YRA as well as to all our radio amateur and non ham friends all over the world.

All logs are updated and uploaded to the Clublog site for online checking.

 During the following days we will check the logs and dealing with possible problems. Answering  e-mails and sleep a lot.  .    

Vy 73 and 88

Laci and Susanne


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